Rock Hard Fabs, (Out of Quebec Canada) Worst busniess to deal with ever!!!


Rock Hard Fabs is a company that claims to offer custom made parts for 4x4 and off roaders.

I had read a few poor reviews from local offroaders about them but because of the lack of custom 4x4 parts in Canada, sent them an email about getting something made. The response was very quick and they gave me a price and a time frame. $900 and 3-4 weeks.

I went ahead and ordered and sent them my payment. 3-4 weeks goes by, and I had not heard anything, so i called and emailed them. I got a response a few days later saying it would ship the fallowing week and they would contact me before.

2 more weeks go by and still nothing. I emailed and called them again. ( they never answer the phone.) I didn't get a response for a week or 2 and when i did they said they would check on it and let me know the next day. Again i didn't get a response. so i contacted them again.... no response for 3 weeks.

Finally after countless un answered email and phone calls. I got an email saying they would check on the status of it and i would be contacted.... never was.

I sent them some more emails and voice mails and texts. saying i just wanted a refund.

Took me a few more weeks to get a hold of them again. They don't like talking on the phone and will only text / email you. saying it may have been shipped the other day ( they gave me a vague and open answer)

At this point its been Months pasted the original 3-4 week time frame they gave me.

I still have yet to receive anything from them. My next step is to get a refund through paypal and contact my credit card company who requires me to file a police report.

Moral of the story, All the bad reviews about them, (if you look there about 2 or 3 of them) are true. They have great customer service at the start but after they have your money they will stop worrying about you.

I am fully aware that when getting something custom made there will be delays. How ever do not lie and ignore your customers. I'm a very reasonable person, if its going to take an extra few weeks to make it just tell me that. Honestly goes along way.

Review about: Bad Customer Service.



I had same issue of ordering from these guys, if these companies are all connected I would steer clear of them.Sounds like same bull****, just fold up shop and start screwing people over again.

I ordered bumper, 4 months later , nothing, made calls , they made excuses , made more calls , started getting ignored.In the end just went to visa and they refunded me no problem, just annoying and very unprofessional , fly by nighters, don't order from these people or you will get their next sob story

to Jay m #1367212

This was recent. April-Aug/17, it's too bad, I was pretty happy bout gettin gear from a Canadian source ,


So then your monetary loss is nothing! You got your money back from PayPal as per your complaint!


Lets get a couple of things very clear.Rock Hard Fabs did not rip off a bunch of people and shut down.

Rock hard was shut down after the municipality fined us $10,000 for a zoning issue (with no warning). The agreement with the municipality was to cease and desist all working immediately, not 30 days, not 60 days, immediately. We had 4 projects that were left uncompleted and one not shipped. The owner of the unshipped piece informed me that he was coming to Ottawa and would pick it up.

He never showed and I still have the bumper in my shed. A second project was taken to the customers house and finished after we explained the issue to him. Anyone who ordered product from us was only ever charged a deposit first with the remaining amount due on completion. Deposits would have been either PayPal or credit card, both of which have buyer protection.

As anyone with any common sense would, these were charged back to us and we had to pay our CC merchant holder and paypal. The end user wasn't out anything but some time. With all these pissed people saying I ripped them off...anyone who was a local customer knows where I am (we had very few mail order customers). I've never moved from my home.

You would think that maybe at least one person would have knocked on the door and asked what was happening. Now moving forward...Black Widow Gear was taken over by another owner 3 years ago. As anyone who knows BWG knows, it was a clothing company and only in...

Now anyone who has an issue stop hiding behind the anonymous lable of this site and step up give me a shout...I wont be anonymous my email is and if you have dealt with me before then you already know my address...come on over and I'll explain everything to you in person.

Now for the personal attacks..As for the *** that sold me the STOLEN truck, your a ***. The guy sells me a stolen truck with the vins all removed, then thinks the best solution is to buy an ownership and vin from another vehicle and give me that...BTW I still have the ownership and vin and the correspondence that we had back and forth and pictures as proof in case anyone is interested. I always like to cover my *** with situations like this.

Crying on the phone? I never even spoke to you on the phone dumb dumb. People sure are tough when they are not standing in front of someone...he claimed his dad was OPP...hahaha...

Take any reviews on this site with a grain of a quick google search on pissedconsumer and take a look at the problems and issues with this place. Anyone can say anything they want with no proof or reason.

People are bored in their lives and just like to make drama where its not due. Fact is RHF shut down almost 4 years ago. Get over it already.

If you think I owe you something, then please let me know...Anyone wants to attack me or my wife personally then do so to my face and not under the cover of the internet...

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Might be selling again as

Same pictures of bumpers as rock hard and black widow.

Haven't confirmed its brad and Tracey.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #959122

Starting to sell rock rails etc on kijiji again.



Gatineau, Quebec, Canada #772681

Yep their new site is

to Anonymous #1048702

Is this the same company as Rock hard Fabs? different owners?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #771590

look online for Black Widow Gear. They started all over with his wife's business. You can find everything... Even badass and cool pictures of Tracey in the mud ... This is absolutely ridiculous that they are still in business and keep steeling and lying to other customer around the country.

This is the absolutely true and all the comments before me are accurate with no over exaggerate.

Cannot believe they are still doing it. Matter a question of time before someone is shutting them off or do it the wrong guy.


They had a dog grooming business on Wellington St in Ottawa as well that doesn't seem to be there anymore... wonder if Tracey and Brad just up and left the country after all that shady business. They seem like the type who would do that.

I had the unfortunate experience of dealing on Kijiji with Brad, trading a classic truck (1979 GMC short box 4x4) that needed work for his four wheeler. The exchange went pleasantly enough at first.. he talked a big game like he was adept enough to handle a small restoration project. A few days after the exchange I just kept getting harassed by ANGRY e-mails regarding every bit of work he had to do on the truck. "Did you know the *** wiring needed to be replaced? Did you know..." etc etc VERY unprofessional. This went on for a few weeks. Everytime he did something on the truck he felt the need to b*itch to me about it. I couldn't believe it; an actual grown-man-crybaby. The e-mails eventually stopped, he probably realized it was too much to handle and got rid of the truck.

Oh, and as for his fourwheeler... It was in far worse shape than the truck, but I didn't make a single complaint. I understand the meaning of "as-is". Plus I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, unlike princess.

Still though, I feel worse for you guys who actually paid him money. I hope everyone gets reimbursed.

to HK #1114387

you sold me a STOLEN TRUCK!!!Then gave me a new vin tag and ownership that you bought from a guy on kijiji!

I still have all your correspondence, the vin tag and ownership along with your apology note! I never even spoke to you on the phone so your story kind of falls apart! I however have a copy of all of the emails back and forth as proof. BTW the truck was sold for scrap after the MRC checked it one night and saw that the VIN was missing.

I had to show them all the correspondence between us proving I wasn't the one responsible.Im very sure you know the whole story as I'm sure the MRC must have investigated it further.


They did the same thing to me! Gave deposit and never called me back!! Nice operation!!


I will hopefully be pursuing them in small claims court. I doubt they have incorporated their business and despite claims they have "shut down" their business I should be able to sue both Brad Howard and Tracey personally.

to Anonymous #748563

Good Luck with that. If you get any contact info on them be sure to post it so the rest of us can take them to court as well.

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #741081

For everyone wondering they have closed there business,

You will not be getting your products. What i had to do was contact my credit card company and put in a complaint, I send them all the emails i had and gave them all there phone numbers.

My credit card company refunded 100% of my money with in 7 days and is now going to worrie about getting there money from Rock hard scams.

If you where ripped off by rock hard fabs

send an email to

Include when you where suppose to get your order

The date you received it (if you have)

How much they have stolen from you

and if comfortable any emails you have with trace.


Does anyone have an address for them so I can go visit and get my bumper or my money back?

to Anonymous #740198

11 marie noel Lapeche QC J0X 2W0 and 1728 chemin 105 chelsea qc is what i have found so far but I haven't had the chance to check it out yet. I am waiting on some parts as well so please comment back what you find!

to Anonymous #740784

havent been at rte 105 for over a year


I have had a very long wait also on my project but I was aware it was custom so I never expected it quickly

to jeepsknockin Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #739814

You'll never get it now because they've closed shop.


Looks like their Facebook pages, kijiji ads and phones are down now... Any input on going to the address given on the "receipt" or is that just a dead end?? So much for trying to support the local wheeling community.


At least you got your bumper, Brad and Tracey had me on a string for almost 2 years trying to get my bumper and rock sliders from them.Once they decided they couldnt make the sliders, they held off on shipping the bumper and have been in and out of contact for months.

Last week, Tracey said they would ship, this week, they're shut down and thier web site closed.

Scammed me out of $750 and I'm probably not the only one.You'd figure someone active in the Ottawa 4x4 scene couldn't afford to get a bad name but I guess they don't care.

to Xmod #1114372

Thought you told me you were picking up the bumper next time you were in Ottawa???That was 3 years ago lol.

I still have it in my shed waiting for you. Guess you really were not that interested in it.

You forgot to mention the several times we offered to refund your money because it was taking time for us to get a disco1 in the shop.Nice how people leave out the details :-)


That story you just wrote was the exact same story that I just lived. Word by word. Absolutely no sense of urgency by this company and they will go the extra miles to get your money... after that you better be ready for a loooonnnnggg walk. Wanted to support local business, maybe I should rethink next time.

Took 4 months to get a bumper... Saying that I was the first on the list...

Bottom line, don't go there.

to Anonymous #734439

Theives and scammers plain and simple.Dropped off some parts and material two weeks ago.

First they told me they only needed my truck a few days. They had it for a week and half and only partially finished my bumper. They started the sliders, but they were nothing like what we had discussed. They kept my parts I had supplied for the front bumper and busted my brake line in the process of attaching the sliders brackets to my frame.

Fortunately, I didn't get into an accident after I left their pace.

Luckily I didn't give them a deposit but I'm out probably a few hundred just to fix my brake lines and for the material I left if m frog bumper.

to Anonymous Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #735701

Someone should make sure thier names get circulated through the Ottawa Area 4x4 clubs for the crooks they are.

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